W&L’s Pain Management Progam – Pricing Structure

W&L’s Pain Management Progam – Pricing Structure

W&L’S PAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM – Improving resident pain management and mobility outcomes in a way that’s consistent, transparent, and supports both facilities’ accreditation and funding needs

W&L’s mission is to deliver mobile allied health services to improve the quality of life of all Australians. Our pain management programs have been developed to ensure that all residents can receive the complex pain management they need, and there is no scenario where the cost of providing interventions exceeds the additional funding received by the facility.


What does W&L’s Pain Management Program Include?

ACFI No Validation Risk


No validation risk: Individualised treatment that’s based on residents’ assessed needs – no ‘box ticking’ or large scale group treatments.


Aged Care Physiotherapy W&L   Residents that are as free from pain as possible: Improve resident pain management and mobility outcomes using only evidence based interventions (e.g. no TENS classes).


W&L ACFI ServicesImproved financial position guaranteed:  A pricing structure that improves with volume so all residents can receive the interventions they need without financial disadvantage to the organisation.



Manual Handling TrainingNo over-servicing: Transparent reporting system to ensure you’re not being over-serviced and there’s the most efficient allocation of resources.



No Staff downtime Pain Management

No paying for staff downtime: No fixed salary expense or need to pay for staff downtime – only pay for the treatments that are actually completed


When you consider the cost of an employee’s salary, superannuation, worker’s compensation insurance, payroll tax, CPD and other HR costs like recruitment expenses (and that employees only work 44-weeks a year after factoring in leave & public holidays) then the total cost per treatment may actually exceed the cost of outsourcing to W&L.

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