Speech Pathology

Specialists in dysphagia risk management who work to reduce unnecessary modified diet and thickener use to maintain residents’ quality of life.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • All therapists specialise in aged care
  • Reduce unnecessary interventions
  • Minimise use of thickened fluids
  • Minimise texture modified diets
  • Proactive review process
  • Balancing needs of residents & facilities
  • Focus on improving quality of life

We achieve results through our team members’ dedication to not just being expert clinicians, but experts in aged care. When residents have swallowing difficulties, our approach is to take into consideration the needs of all of our clients – balancing the facility’s obligations, staffing capacity, and the wishes of the residents and their families.

Our goal is to minimise the use of texture modified diets and thickened fluids to only those that truly need it. By implementing more appropriate meal-time strategies and maintaining a proactive review process, which also supports accreditation, our team are continually eliminating unnecessary costs associated with thickening agents and staff time.

Quality of life for our residents is more than just keeping them safe or ridding them of unnecessary modified diets. Every time we’re planning a resident’s management we’re always looking for innovative ways to routinely allow them to continue to have the food and drink of their choice, an enjoyable alternative, or at the very least a modified diet that remains visually appealing.

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