Improving resident pain management and mobility outcomes in a way that’s consistent, transparent and supports facilities’ accreditation and funding needs.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • All therapists specialise in aged care
  • Documentation to support ACFI funding
  • Complex pain management treatments
  • Mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation
  • Active ageing focus
  • Transparent reporting of all 4as and 4bs

Improving the quality of life of our residents is more than just providing complex pain management involving therapeutic massage. Every time we’re providing these interventions we’re always looking for innovative ways to routinely incorporate interventions to optimise mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation. By adopting this approach we can not only meet the requirements of the funding model but it also allows our clients to receive the active-ageing services that they otherwise couldn’t access.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that every one of our team members is an expert in aged care and our model is built upon open communication between our therapists and site staff. Our transparent reporting demonstrates that we don’t believe in over-servicing, we understand both the clinical and financial impact of our work, and the process itself also fosters a multi-disciplinary approach to care planning.

Our philosophy is that all residents should have an opportunity to optimise their mobility and dexterity, and that they should be as free from pain as possible. If the care is first provided and it’s then also documented in the right way, this will then support both our clients’ accreditation and funding needs.

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