ACFI Appraisal Pack Risk Audits

ACFI Appraisal Pack Risk Audits

Receive all of the ACFI funding you’re eligible for based on your residents’ current care needs:

  • W&L’s KPI is an ACFI pack per day
  • Funding for care you’re already providing
  • Validation guaranteed
  • If no increase in funding then no cost
  • No up-front charges
  • Staff training included (group and 1:1)
  • Access to ACFI online education
  • 12-months ongoing support

W&L is ACSA’s (Aged & Community Services Australia) national partner for allied health and ACFI related services.

The main benefit of this service?

The worst-case-scenario is that we don’t find an increase in funding and it doesn’t cost you a cent. Alternatively, we might find over $100K in funding for care you’re already providing.

W&L will physically assess every resident’s clinical situation across all domains of the ACFI. We then compare this to their current ACFI rate to determine the amount you should be receiving based on the care you’re providing and the increase available.

Each eligible ACFI Appraisal Pack will then be completed for submission – this includes completing all assessments, implementing all charts, care plan updates, and collation of supporting evidence.

To increase your team’s ACFI knowledge, you’re more than welcome to allocate staff to work with us 100% of the time we’re there.

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