W&L Mobile Dental Services – FAQs

W&L Mobile Dental Services – FAQs

This article is to answer the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about W&L Mobile Dental Services:


Where does W&L Mobile Dental provide services?

W&L visit residential aged care facilities, bringing a completely mobile clinic that can be set-up in the treatment room, hairdresser’s room, activities room, etc.


What dental services can be provided in an aged care facility?

Without needing to leave the facility there will be access to comprehensive oral examinations; scale, clean, and fluoride treatments; x-rays; fillings; extractions, and denture assessments


What denture services are provided?

If the care recipient has dentures then this will include an assessment of gum health and review of denture fit. If it is identified that additional denture work is required (e.g. repair, reline, etc) then W&L can ensure access to a mobile prosthetist with a laboratory where dentures can be made, relined for proper fit, repaired, cleaned and polished.


If my dentures need repairing can this be done onsite?

If repairs or a reline is required then a referral to prosthetist will be made. This will typically involve the prosthetist visiting (e.g. to take an imprint) then the work will be completed in a laboratory.


If I have both natural teeth and partial dentures should I be seen by a dentist or prosthetist?

If you still have any natural teeth then a comprehensive oral examination by a dentist is still recommended – the dentist will complete a denture assessment at the same time.


Can services be bulk-billed through Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)?

Yes, W&L can provide bulk-billed services for eligible DVA Gold Card holders so there will be no out-of-pocket expenses. For residents of an aged care facility this applies regardless of ‘Low Care’ or ‘High Care’ status.


How does the price of W&L Mobile Dentistry compare to other clinics?

When compared to Choice Magazine’s article ‘Dental fees: is the price right?’ W&L’s prices for a check-up (including examination, scale and clean, and a fluoride treatment), x-rays, extractions, and fillings are all within the average cost range for a conventional dental surgery. This means that for a similar cost (or less) these services can be received in the comfort and convenience of the home.


Can dental services that W&L provide be claimed through private health insurance?

Yes, but the amount depends on your fund and your level of cover. We will issue you with a statement and receipt to enable you to claim through your private health fund.


What information do the dentists need for the visit?

On the day of the consult the dentists will need a summary of medical history, knowledge of any allergies, and a list of medications currently being taken.

Note: W&L makes contact with the Facility Manager prior to the day of visit to ensure this is prepared and to ensure a smooth running of the service.


How often is a check-up/scale-and-clean recommended?

Following an initial comprehensive oral examination and/or treatment the dentist will make recommendations specific to your circumstances. This may then vary depending on your current oral and dental health and presence of a daily oral hygiene routine.


How often will a dental clinic be established at each location?

As a number of residents in each location will require 3-monthly dental services, W&L will typically liaise with the Facility Manager to have a mobile clinic each quarter. If in the meantime a number of new residents enter the facility and wish to receive this service, then a clinic date may be brought forward.


If I only have dentures should I be seen by a dentist or prosthetist?

If you only have dentures then you can be referred straight to a prosthetist. They will then assess your dentures for fit, function and suitability.


If you have any other questions about W&L Mobile Dental Services please email us here