How to eliminate risk of losing ACFI funding in 2016

How to eliminate risk of losing ACFI funding in 2016

There are 2 specific things providers need to take into consideration with regards to protecting ACFI funding:

  1. The changes that are taking place only apply to submissions after 30th June, and the second round after 31st December. IMPACT: If packs aren’t submitted before these dates then they will go in at a reduced ACFI amount (in some cases by as much as $18,500 p.a. per resident)
  2. The new validation process has a greater emphasis on interviews and observation of residents. IMPACT: Having a congruent pack is not enough e.g. if residents have a mobility assessment that says ‘physical assist’ but they aren’t receiving ‘individual physical assistance throughout the specified activity’ (i.e. 100% of the task) they will be downgraded

The best approach to prevent loss of funding and reduce ACFI payback?

1 – Focus on Finding the Funding You’re Already Missing. By completing an ACFI Facility Review (Funding Gap Analysis) this not only ensures that there are zero residents that funding’s being missed for, completing reappraisals eliminates validation risk for these residents’ previous appraisals.

This must be done before June 30 to ensure claims are submitted before the first round of changes take place

2 – Protect the Funding for Residents You Can’t Reappraise. For the remaining residents that you can’t create brand new and shiny packs for, remaining claims should be checked with ACFI Appraisal Pack Audits (‘The Friendly Validators’).

Want information on conducting an ACFI Funding Gap Analysis and ACFI Appraisal Pack Audits (‘The Friendly Validators’)?

W&L can ensure that you receive and keep all of the funding you’re eligible for in a way that’s risk free (guaranteed at validation). Contact Celeste on 1300 952 433 (1300WLAGED) or