W&L Fixed Price Dental Services – FAQs

W&L Fixed Price Dental Services – FAQs

This article is to answer the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about W&L’s fixed price dental services:


What’s included in W&L Fixed Price Dental Services?

  1. Dental Assessment Package: Comprehensive oral examination including oral hygiene instructions (care plan), scale, clean, fluoride treatment and service fee). X-rays (if required) will be charged per exposure. If the care recipient has dentures then this will include an assessment of gum health and review of denture fit.
  2. X-Rays, fillings, and extractions will also be completed within the session at no additional cost.


How does the price of W&L Fixed Price Dental Services compare to regular dental services?

W&L’s fixed priced dental services are the most affordable private dental option available in South Australia and Victoria. For a fixed fee any x-rays, fillings and extractions will be completed at no additional cost. This is compared with a dental assessment package which is normally $280, x-rays $47 per exposure, extractions at $163 extra, and fillings range between $140-$292 depending on their location and number of services involved.


What if extensive dental work is required?

If an extensive number of fillings or extractions are required, the dentist, in consultation with the resident and facility staff, will determine the priority of work as well as the maximum amount of interventions that can occur in one session. If further treatment is required than the resident can cope with in one consultation, subsequent consultations will be subject to another fixed price dental service.


Can services be bulk-billed through Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)?

Yes, W&L can provide bulk-billed services for eligible DVA Gold Card holders. For residents of an aged care facility this applies regardless of ‘Low Care’ or ‘High Care’ status.


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