ACFI validation to target complex health care sharp practices

ACFI validation to target complex health care sharp practices

An area that will be targeted under the new ACFI stronger compliance regime is ‘sharp practices’ – a practice that is within the rules but not within the intent of the ACFI.

When asked to give a concrete example of ‘unacceptable sharp practices’, the response to Heather Witham (Manager Government Relations and Policy) was that an example would include complex health care claims made by a residential aged care facility which involved the same pain management treatment for a range of residents with differing clinical treatment requirements.

This suggests that those organisations who provide individualised services to residents, specifically related to their assessed needs, may not meet the definition of a ‘sharp practice’.

The Department has established the Technical Reference Group (TRG) to provide technical advice on possible changes to the ACFI to improve the operation of the instrument, and bring the instrument in line with current clinical practices.

To achieve improved resident pain management, mobility, and quality of life outcomes in a way that supports facilities’ accreditation and funding needs, interventions should be more than just providing complex pain management involving therapeutic massage, non-evidence based interventions, or general group treatments. Every time interventions are provided these should be based on the specific needs of the resident – looking for ways to routinely incorporate interventions to optimise mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation.

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