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Should an RN or Physio do the pain management treatments?

To reduce costs it makes sense to allocate tasks to the staff member who can complete it at the lowest cost.

Does this still apply when you take into consideration other factors like resident outcomes and funding?

If comparing the financial impact of treatments conducted by an RN or Allied Health Professional then the difference in funding after all costs are removed is around $4,000 p.a. per resident.

But which way?

Consider these two resident scenarios where the complex pain management interventions make a direct difference within the ACFI Complex Health Care domain:

Scenario A: 20-min per week by a Registered Nurse

  • Directive 4a claimed, making the difference between a Low to Medium
  • Difference in funding after all costs removed is around $10,000 p.a.

Scenario B: 4-days per week by an Allied Health Professional

  • Directive-4b claimed, making the difference between a Low to High
  • Difference in funding after all costs removed is around $14,000 p.a.

The bottom line?

Interventions shouldn’t be limited to just one type of health professional on the basis of cost alone – there are many other factors to take into consideration. By providing the interventions that the resident clinically needs, and it’s completed by someone who is specifically trained in pain management, then the resident benefits while the ACFI provides the funding to cover the cost of the service.

When structured appropriately, physiotherapy and occupational therapy can improve resident pain management and mobility outcomes in a way that’s consistent, transparent, and supports facilities’ accreditation and funding needs. Click here for more information about completing this type of analysis based on your facility’s situation.

*Figures are calculated based on direct costs per unit of work using publicly available EBAs, super rates, leave loading, workers compensation insurance, payroll tax for some organisations, etc. For organisations not using outsourced services, costs associated with human resources functions, leave cover, etc have not been included. Costs for these scenarios range $14-$16 per treatment and $18-$23 respectively.