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Podiatry Supplier Checklist: Ensuring quality of service while reducing costs

Providing a service that meets the clinical needs of residents while also being cost-effective can be tough. Below is a checklist that you might find helpful to ensure that all of your needs are being met.

The service provider is:

  • Leaving all clinical documentation on-site to meet privacy requirements
  • Printing off all clinical documentation at the site (rather than emailing it)
  • Bulk-billing all eligible residents so there’s no cost to the resident (or the facility)
  • Completing the administration associated with Medicare CDM/EPC forms
  • Meeting Medicare’s requirement that the service is of at least 20 minutes duration
  • Treating every resident 8-weekly (unless there’s a specific reason to see them more frequently)
  • Maintaining a transparent review schedule of both the date last seen and when next due
  • Visiting weekly if more than 120 beds (seeing 1/8 of residents and acute referrals)
  • Visiting fortnightly if 50 to 120 beds (seeing 1/4 of residents and acute referrals)
  • Visiting monthly only if less than 50 beds (seeing 1/2 of residents and acute referrals)

Podiatry should be a regular and consistent service to meet facilities’ needs (while assisting the bulk-billing process for all eligible residents).

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