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Is there a logical order that staff should complete their ACFI Education?

A frequently asked question we receive is… “for staff to learn everything they need to know about the ACFI, in what order should they complete their training?

This is the recommended sequence – it’s progressive so that each session builds upon the previous, and ensures practical application of knowledge that is congruent:

  1. Accurately assessing residents’ ADLs needs and levels of assistance
  2. Recording cognition & behaviours which impact on resident care
  3. Completing the PAS-CIS to accurately reflect a resident’s cognitive function and optimise ACFI funding
  4. Accurately assessing, providing, and recording resident Complex Health Care
  5. Completing the CSDD to accurately reflect signs and symptoms of depression and optimise ACFI funding

Once clinical RNs and ENs have completed these to confirm they have the ACFI fundamentals, those who need an increased understanding of ACFI to increase funding while minimising documentation should then complete:

  1. Mastering the ACFI Business Rules & Planning
  2. Reducing Documentation to Improve the Accuracy of the ACFI Appraisal Pack

If you would like more information about online ACFI education products that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device click here