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Healthy Weight Range Chart (BMI) for People Over 65

How to Reduce the Number of Underweight Residents in Your Facility

To reduce the number of underweight residents in your facility the first step is to… confirm they’re being compared to the Healthy Weight Range for Over 65′s

The Body Mass Index (BMI) to use for residents in aged care is different than the general population’s normal ranges (the adjusted range is actually between 22-27kgm2)

Recently, a facility identified that their approach to nutrition was based on guidelines that weren’t related to the older adult. As a result, there was:

  • Over a quarter of residents who were actually considered underweight (BMI between 20–22kgm2) who then had new strategies put in place
  • A significant reduction in supplement use (which reduced costs and increased resident satisfaction)
  • A removal of a number of unnecessary ‘special diets’, saving staff time and increasing resident enjoyment

Click here to download a copy of the Healthy Weight Range (BMI) Chart for Over 65’s

If your residents would benefit from specialists in nutritional management of the elderly, then email us here… We also work to reduce unnecessary special diets & supplement use to maintain residents’ quality of life