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3 Hidden Costs of Aged Care Podiatry

When reviewing invoices over the past financial year, some aged care organisations have found some interesting information…  evaluating how much a podiatry service costs is more than just looking at the cost per treatment. Some things to consider include:

  1. Costs being provided on a ‘per consult’ basis. When podiatry only costs $27/consult, that sounds pretty good right? But if every resident is being seen 6-weekly, the real cost is $225 per resident per annum. Rather than comparing podiatry costs on a per-consult basis, W&L’s approach is to consider the overall cost per resident per annum (typically ranging between $55 – $205 per resident per annum)
  2. Additional charges for ‘non-standard’ consults. Paying an extra $5 care plan fee here, an initial assessment fee there, and then also a ‘long consult’ fee can really add up. Sometimes into the ‘000s.
  1. Charging full price for all residents. Is assistance being provided to bulk-bill all eligible residents? In any given facility, it’s quite usual that some residents only require routine nail care, whereas others have chronic, complex health care needs.

On top of the financial costs, some of the other costs a facility might be facing include those related to quality and convenience…

  1. Completing block visits. If your facility is only seeing the podiatrist every 6-weeks, then this means new admissions or residents with acute needs (or residents who were just out and about) need to wait weeks for the next visit.
  1. Seeing more residents to get an incentive scheme bonus. Treating over 20 residents in a day is a long day. 30? 35? 40? W&L guarantee to provide a quality treatment and meet Medicare’s requirement that the service is of at least 20 minutes duration (e.g. no more than 3/hour or 22/day)

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