Allied Health Packages

Allied Health Packages

W&L’s mission is to improve the quality of life of all Australians. Following the changes to the way aged care facilities are funded, our pricing structure has been developed to ensure that all residents are receiving the Therapy Services and Rehabilitation Support they need:

Allied Health Packages


How Does the Pricing Structure Work?

These packages are designed so that, for a flat annual rate per bed of as low as $448.33, every resident will have access to as much service as they need to meet your requirements under Specified Care and Services.

This pricing structure rewards aged care facilities that provide more of W&L’s services to the residents that need it and organisations that use the services across more beds. W&L has spent significant time and expense in investing in IT systems, staff training, and developing management capability in order to deliver a quality service on a national scale – with increased volume W&L can achieve economies of scale, and the saving can be passed on to our clients.

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What Does W&L’s Allied Health Services Packages Include?

Aged Care Physiotherapy W&L

W&L Physio and Occupational Therapy: To meet the needs of Rehabilitation Support (Item 2.6 of Specified Care and Services), every resident will receive an Individual Therapy Program aimed at maintaining or restoring their abilities. All residents will also receive Individual Therapy Services (Item 3.11) designed to maintain their levels of independence.


Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training: Ensure all staff receive the Information, Training, and Instruction to meet the Division 1 requirements of the Work Health & Safety Act. Different sessions are provided for clinical and non-clinical staff, with learning objectives reflecting those specified in the Codes of Practice. Training is practical and includes competency based assessment.


W&L ACFI Services

ACFI Complex Health Care Funding Gap Analysis: There’s now 3 sets of different ACFI business rules applying to residents in your facility (and access to funding has decreased in general). W&L will complete a quarterly review to ensure there’s no validation risk and that every resident’s complex health funding is optimised based on their clinical needs and relevant business rules.


Aged Care Podiatry

Podiatry: All residents receive as many Individual Therapy Services as they need to maintain foot health and quality of life. Visits are scheduled weekly for the average facility so new residents, or those with acute needs, won’t have to wait weeks between visits. With assistance to bulk-bill all eligible residents, rebates of up to $135 per resident are paid back to the facility.


Aged Care Speech Pathology & Dietetics

Speech Pathology & Dietetics: For less than the cost of 1x individual consult per annum, every resident has access to as much speech pathology or dietetics they need. You will also reduce the number of unnecessary texture modified diets, eliminate unnecessary special diets, and reduce excess supplement and thickener expenses… all while improving resident quality of life.


Aged Care Online TrainingW&L’s Online Learning Management System: To help you meet the mandatory training requirements of the Work Health & Safety Act, when you receive Manual Handling Training you will also receive access to our online LMS. This is so your staff can complete the non-practical learning objectives specified in the Codes of Practice (also saving you time and money). You and your staff will also have access to other content to help you meet your mandatory training, ACFI, professional development, and health   and personal care training needs.

What If I Want to Deliver More than the Specified Care and Services?

 For organisations that want to do more than the minimum and have a focus on Wellness, Reablement, and Restorative Care, there’s the option of upgrading to the W&L Active® packages. You will continue to receive all other inclusions from each package, however for an additional flat-fee per bed the services will include:

  • Implementation of W&L’s Active Ageing multi-disciplinary planning meetings
  • Individualised rehabilitation programs with dedicated resident-specific staff training
  • Customised ‘Early Intervention Pathway’ programs specific to each resident and their needs
  • Intensive long-term multi-D rehabilitation sessions (e.g. following serious illness, injury, or surgery)

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The information provided in this document may be changed or updated without notice. W&L may also make improvements and/or changes in the products, pricing and/or the programs described in this information at any time without notice. Regional loading may apply in some locations.