At W&L we believe that by partnering with our clients to structure our services correctly, all recipients of care will achieve improvements in their quality of life. W&L understands all funding streams available for elderly clients, disabled clients and school students and can ensure that our mobile healthcare services are the most cost-effective for both the consumer and the organisations we partner with.

Why does W&L exist?

W&L recognises the difficulty the industry faces in accessing allied health professionals who understand that there is often more than one client whose needs must be met at the same time. W&L’s clients include; the residents of aged care facilities, the students within schools, the aged care facility and the schools themselves, the consumers living at home, and the aged/community/disability package providers. Many aged care facilities are at risk of not receiving or maintaining all of the ACFI funding they’re eligible for based on the care they’re already providing. Many aged and community care staff have difficultly accessing training with content designed to be put into practice immediately that is cost-effective, and is flexible enough to ensure that all staff can access it. W&L solves all of these problems

How did W&L grow to what it is today?

In 2003, the founders of W&L recognised that residential aged care facilities were rarely receiving a physiotherapy service that consistently helped the residents whilst at the same time supported the facilities’ accreditation and funding needs. After developing a physiotherapy business that met the needs of all involved, clients were soon requesting other allied health services to be delivered in the same way. Applying the same success factors in both residential and community care for podiatry, occupational therapy, speech pathology and dietetics, W&L quickly grew into the allied health supplier of choice in Australia.

Facilities and home care package providers with interstate affiliations heard about the service delivered by W&L, and invitations to expand interstate soon followed. Rapid growth meant that changes needed to be made along the way, and a more scalable approach was needed. W&L ACFI Consultancy and W&L Online Learning were developed. By passing on the collective knowledge that W&L’s team of allied health and nursing staff had developed over the years, W&L could achieve health through knowledge and help improve the quality of life for all Australians through education.

Now, W&L is Australia’s largest mobile allied health services organisation providing mobile allied health, ACFI consultancy, and online learning to the aged, schools, the community, and the disability care industry.

W&L has become Aged Care Services Australia’s (ACSA) national partner for allied health and ACFI related services, is a member of Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA), the Aged Care Quality Association (ACQA), and the management team are members of the Joanna Briggs Institute’s (JBI) Aged Care Expert Reference Group and the APA’s Gerontology Group of Australia.

What do we promise?

“To deliver”

We embrace the challenge of taking the time to first understand and then meet the needs of all of our clients. This includes the residents in aged care facilities, consumers at home, the organisations we work for, and every staff member we interact with. Our goal is to be consistent, and always deliver the highest quality in everything we do.

“Mobile allied health services”

We achieve results for our clients by being focused on delivering professional mobile allied health services. We’re dedicated to every one of our team members being positioned as an expert in the aged, community, and disability care sector. This allows an innovative approach where we can continually look for ways for our clients to receive services that they otherwise couldn’t access, without compromising our integrity.

“Improve the quality of life”

We believe that to improve quality of life we must aim to have a positive impact at every interaction that is more than just health outcomes. By delivering results, while focusing on bringing a friendly approach to our work, we can help improve the overall wellness of our clients and their overall lifestyle.

What is our point of view?

At W&L we believe that by partnering with our clients to structure our services correctly, all residents, students and consumers in the home should be able to receive the interventions they need in a way that supports accreditation, meets all funding requirements, and is cost-effective for both the consumer and the organisation.

What are our products?

W&L delivers mobile allied health services to improve the quality of life of all Australians. Providing a one-stop-shop for aged, community and school care nationally, our allied health services include:

W&L’s Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) consultants assist aged care facilities to receive all of the funding they’re eligible for in a way that’s both risk free and sustainable. Our services include:

W&L’s Online Learning allows staff to complete aged and community care training anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS) specifically designed to meet the needs of aged and community care providers, content includes:

For more information on the full suite of W&L Services and products please call us now on 1300 952433 and talk to one of our experienced team or email us.